Tutoring Structure

Particularly during these chaotic times, developing a structured plan and routine is essential to success both academically and beyond. After a free consultation, we will develop a customized lesson plan that is tailored to the unique needs and goals of the student. Whether the focus is solidifying understanding of old material or building a solid foundation for the year to come, we will develop a comprehensive plan to help you reach your goals.

This long-term plan will be combined with consistent, rigorous practice in order to stay on track and develop the discipline necessary to succeed at every level. Students will meet two times per week for 90-minute sessions. Each session will start with a brief review worksheet of previous topics as the tutor reviews the completed homework. After this, the tutor and student will double back briefly, filling in and solidifying old material. From there, we will bring curated teaching and practice materials to introduce the next topics, as well as short homework to complete in between sessions. In this manner, we ensure that the material has time to soak in and be fully understood before proceeding. 

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